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OSCAR, the Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter

OSCAR, the Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter

~ Official Download Page ~
OSCAR v1.2.0

OSCAR is PC software developed for reviewing and exploring data produced by CPAP and related machines used in the treatment of sleep apnea.


Windows 7/8/10
OSCAR-1.2.0 Win32

OSCAR-1.2.0 Win64

MacOSX 10.12+

MacOSX 10.12+
OSCAR-1.2.0 MacOS
Ubuntu 18.04/Ubuntu 20.04
Debian 9

Ubuntu 18.04 / Debian 9
Linux file locations used by OSCAR have changed. We recommend removing older versions of OSCAR (including -beta and -test versions) before installation.
See the Installation Wiki for specific instructions




RaspberryPi OS (Experimental)

Any Chromium-based browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium currently offers the best automatic translation options.
OSCAR Installation and Data Migration Guide

OSCAR Help Wiki


OSCAR, the Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter

This is a minor release of OSCAR, we do recommend upgrading to this version.

    Changes and fixes in OSCAR v1.2.0 Portions of OSCAR are © 2019-2020 by The OSCAR Team

  • [new] Support for Chromebooks using Linux beta - (Intel/AMD only)
  • [new] Support for Raspberry Pi OS
  • [new] Additional Philips Respironics devices tested and fully supported:
    • REMstar Pro (System One) (452P, 450P V1)
    • BiPAP Pro (System One) (650P)
    • REMstar Plus (System One 60 Series) (261CA)
    • REMstar Pro (System One 60 Series) (462P)
    • DreamStation CPAP Pro (400X120)
    • DreamStation BiPAP autoSV (900X150)
    • Dorma 500 Auto (System One 60 Series) (501V)
  • [new] OSCAR checks automatically for new releases.
  • [new] Privacy feature allows suppressing profile info in Statistics page and printed reports.
  • [new] Add option to print reports in black and white (monochrome).
  • [new] Hold down the Shift key while selecting a range on a chart to measure the duration without zooming.
  • [new] Allow second (or more) import on same day for ResMed data.
  • [fix] Improve support of rare events and update warnings in Philips Respironics 950P, 1030X, and 50-series.
  • fix] Profile page and Daily records block now show most recently used machine when a profile has multiple machines.
  • [fix] Improve warning on Daily page when settings are missing.
  • [fix] No longer zoom charts to maximum when clicking on chart with popup menu present.
  • [fix] Correct page margins problem when printing Statistics page on Mac.
  • [fix] Adjust font size and column widths on Statistics page.
  • [fix] Improve language in various error messages.
  • [fix] Date at right end of Overview page reflects actual data, not any future notes.
  • [fix] Limit SD card scan to mounted vfat volumes.
  • [fix] Correct Statistics page calculations when CPAP and Oximetry use do not overlap.
  • [fix] Hours used on Welcome and Daily page are now hours of CPAP machine use.
  • [fix] Popout graphs now limited to desktop height and multiple popout graphs work better.
  • [fix] Overview tooltips now list chart components in same order as displayed in chart.
  • [fix] Overview graphs now show last day on charts for timezones near GMT.
  • [fix] Welcome page calculation of days since last import fixed.
  • [fix] Oximetry import from file now remembers last directory imported from.
  • [fix] Correct pressure reported on Welcome page for VAuto-S machines.
  • [fix] Improve error checking for file system problems.
  • [fix] ResMed machines now show the Essentials setting.
  • [fix] Support migration from both SleepyHead and OSCAR.
  • [fix] Correct 95th percentile computations on Statistics page when some days were summary-only.
  • [fix] Improve some prompts and tooltip messages.
  • [fix] Empty directories in Profiles directory are not shown in Profiles list.
  • [fix] Show correct copyright when installing Debian version.
  • [fix] [fix] Translations updated; Korean translation added.
  • [fix] Rebuilding CPAP data for ResMed machine with compression enabled no longer results in settings loss.
For a list of all Release Notes in OSCAR click on Help / About OSCAR / Release Notes

Many of the changes that have occurred have resulted from input from you, the users of OSCAR. Keep them coming in.

October 2020 Release

Sourcecode: or HERE

Available at:

The OSCAR team is a group of volunteer developers from the Apnea Community and are members from multiple forums and nationalities.

OSCAR is always looking for help: programmers, testers, or translators.
Send a private message to 'Gideon' on the Apnea Board Forum if you are interested. is the official CPAP and sleep apnea file-hosting site for