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OSCAR, the Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter

OSCAR, the Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter

~ Official Download Page ~
OSCAR v1.1.1

OSCAR is PC software developed for reviewing and exploring data produced by CPAP and related machines used in the treatment of sleep apnea.


Windows 7/8/10


MacOSX 10.12+

MacOSX 10.12+
Ubuntu 18.04/Ubuntu 20.04
Debian 9

Ubuntu 18.04 / Debian 9
Linux file locations used by OSCAR have changed. We recommend removing older versions of OSCAR (including -beta and -test versions) before installation.
See the Installation Wiki for specific instructions

. OSCAR_1.1.1_Ubuntu_18.04_amd64 




RaspberryPi OS (Experimental)

Any Chromium-based browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium currently offers the best automatic translation options.
OSCAR Installation and Data Migration Guide

OSCAR Help Wiki


OSCAR, the Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter

This is a minor release of OSCAR, the changes include:

Changes and fixes in OSCAR v1.1.1
Portions of OSCAR are © 2019-2020 by The OSCAR Team

  • [new] 5 Additional Philips Respironics devices tested and fully supported: (they are listed in the Release Notes inside OSCAR)
    • Note: Ventilator alarms are not currently imported.
  • [new] Add the "peak flow" channel reported by pre-DreamStation ventilators.
  • [new] Automatically detect and resolve graphics-related crashes on Windows.
  • [new] Support AVAPS in the Overview pressure chart.
  • [new] Added Italian and Turkish translations.
  • [fix] Fix missing bars in the Overview pressure chart for Philips Respironics devices.
  • [fix] Add missing Philips Respironics pressure channels to CSV export.
  • [fix] Fix zero Philips Respironics AHI in CSV session export.
  • [fix] Add support for the Bi-Flex lock setting on pre-DreamStation ventilators.
  • [fix] Fix the pressure waveform scale for the BiPAP autoSV Advanced 30 (960T)
  • [fix] Add support for rise time mode on DreamStation BiPAP devices (600X-700X).
  • [fix] Remove the ramp time and pressure settings when the ramp is disabled on pre-DreamStation devices.
  • [fix] Improve import of Philips Respironics oximetry data.
  • [fix] Fix VS2 index shown on the Daily page for Philips Respironics machines.
  • [fix] Fix occasional failure to save imported Viatom data.
  • [fix] Fix a recurring database upgrade prompt.
  • [fix] Fix an occasional crash when importing Resmed data.
  • [fix] Add bounds error checking to Resmed input processing.
  • [fix] Fix STR.edf file backup to avoid loss of settings data.
  • [fix] Fix Backup Journal to format XML properly.
  • [fix] In flow rate graph, don't show duration for events with no duration.
  • [fix] Fix pressure settings in Overview graph reported as a huge negative number.

Changes and fixes in OSCAR v1.1.0
Portions of OSCAR are © 2019-2020 by The OSCAR Team

This is the second major release of OSCAR (Full details are contained in the Release Notes inside OSCAR)

  • Extensive overhaul of the Philips Respironics System One and ResMed importers
  • Easy to alter Chart Order to Standard (Default) or Advanced (Breathing Stats for advanced /Bilevel Machines)
  • Preferences changed to easily turn on and off PieChart and Calandar
  • Automatically set sidebars for F12 Screenshot.
  • Fixed many importers
  • View/Reset graphs now resets all Graphs and events
  • A lot of data corrections
  • A lot of fixes in general, See the release notes in Help - About OSCAR for more details.

Many of the changes that have occurred have resulted from input from you, the users of OSCAR. Keep them coming in.

2020 June Release

Sourcecode: or HERE

Available at:

The OSCAR team is a group of volunteer developers from the Apnea Community and are members from multiple forums and nationalities.

OSCAR is always looking for help: programmers, testers, or translators.
Send a private message to 'Bonjour' on the Apnea Board Forum if you are interested. is the official CPAP and sleep apnea file-hosting site for